Frank Marshall

In 1991, Kennedy and Marshall ventured out on their own to form The Kennedy/Marshall Company, where the duo continued to produce critically acclaimed films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the international hit franchise based on Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity. In addition to a production shingle, the company serves as a harbor for Marshall to explore personal artistic interests, such as directing the hit movies Congo and Eight Below and the ESPN Films documentary Right to Play.

Marshall’s accomplishments in the film industry have resulted in five Academy Award nominations for producing titles as diverse as M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense to Gary Ross’s Seabiscuit. In addition to his Oscar nominations, Marshall has been acknowledged for his work with UCLA’s Alumni Professional Achievement Award, the California Mentor Initiative’s Leadership Award, and the acclaimed American Academy of Achievement Award. Along with Kennedy, Marshall was the 2008 recipient of the Producers Guild of America’s David O. Selznick Award for Career Achievement. A year later, the duo was lauded with Visual Effects Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

An industry veteran, Marshall has parlayed his success into a second career as a philanthropist. Marshall’s love of sports led him to serve as a member of the United States Olympic Committee for more than a decade. Marshall was bestowed with the Olympic Shield in 2005 in honor of his service to the committee and the Olympic movement; and, three years later, Marshall was inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Marshall serves on the boards of several organizations, including Athletes for Hope, the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, and the USA Track & Field Association.

In 2012, Marshall took over as the sole principal of The Kennedy/Marshall Company when partner Kathleen Kennedy became Chairman of Lucasfilm Ltd.  Marshall currently resides in Los Angeles, California with Kennedy and their two daughters.

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stripped of all committee assignments. He resigned again in March to make this Senate run, initially as a Democrat. Party officials denied him ballot access after the local registrar declared some 750 signatures he collected for the run invalid, putting him 28 short of the 250 he needed. But last week he handed a Richmond television reporter a portrait of himself, Pride and Chase, dressed up in antebellum clothing. Pride said Thursday the picture, taken at an old timey photo place in Virginia Beach, was her idea. Her own family had similar portraits made when she was a child, she said. After Wednesday’s radio announcement, Morrissey invited reporters to his law firm for Thursday’s family press conference. Shortly before it began in a room with a glass case of signed boxing gloves and sporting a framed white T shirt that said “To Err Is Human To Lose Is Unheard Of” he asked the media not to take pictures of his son. Minutes later he and Pride walked in, Pride carrying Chase. She
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