The Kennedy/Marshall Company

For over twenty years, The Kennedy/Marshall Company has provided commercially successful and critically acclaimed entertainment to audiences worldwide.  Established in 1991 by award-winning producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, The Kennedy/Marshall Company is one of the most respected production companies in the entertainment industry.

Prior to the company’s beginning, Kennedy and Marshall, along with filmmaker Steven Spielberg, were the founding partners of Amblin Entertainment.  While at Amblin, Kennedy and Marshall produced some of the most memorable film experiences of the 1980’s.  Combining these early successes with a now veteran approach, The Kennedy/Marshall Company has set a tone of excellence in the field of entertainment that is second to none.

The Kennedy/Marshall Company has been nominated for five Academy Awards for producing the following films: War Horse, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Munich, Seabiscuit and The Sixth Sense.  In addition, the company was nominated for an Emmy Award for the HBO film The Special Relationship.

Beyond its roots in feature film production, The Kennedy/Marshall Company services a wide range of entertainment opportunities, encompassing documentary films, digital media, a television department for broadcast and cable platforms, as well as the development of stage plays.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, The Kennedy/Marshall Company’s film department acquired a first-look deal with DreamWorks Studios, and, starting in May 2012, the television department is developing under a pilot-commitment deal with CBS Television Studios.

As of June 2012, Frank Marshall has taken over as the lone principal of The Kennedy/Marshall Company after long-standing partner Kathleen Kennedy was hired as Chairman of Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Kennedy/Marshall Company is located in Santa Monica, California.

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