Eight Below

  Released in theatres: February 17th, 2006


From director Frank Marshall comes an incredible tale of friendship between eight sled dogs and their guide Jerry Shepard.  When stranded in Antarctica in the most unforgiving weather on the planet, Jerry’s beloved sled dogs must learn to survive together until Jerry – who will stop at nothing – rescues them.  Driven by unwavering bonds of friendship, Jerry and the dogs endure an incredible journey of survival in order to reunite.

  • Cast: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Jason Biggs, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunkett
  • Director: Frank Marshall
  • Writer: David DiGilio
  • Producers: David Hoberman, Patrick Crowley
  • Exec. Producers: Frank Marshall, Todd Lieberman, Christine Iso, Masaru Kakutani, Roy Lee, Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum
  • Cinematographer: Don Burgess
  • Editor: Christopher Rouse
  • Composer: Mark Isham
  • Prod. Designer: John Willett
  • Costumes: Jori Woodman