Snow Falling on Cedars

  Released in theatres: January 7th, 2000


A murder trial has upset the quiet community of San Piedro, and now this tranquil village has become the center of controversy.  For Ishmael Chambers, a local reporter, the trial strikes a deep, emotional chord when he finds out that his ex-lover is linked to the case.  When Ishmael investigates the killing, he uncovers some startling clues that lead him to a shocking discovery.  Staring Ethan Hawke as Chambers, the film is based on the novel by David Guterson.

  • Cast: Ethan Hawke, James Cromwell, Richard Jenkins, Max von Sydow, Youki Kudoh, James Rebhorn, Sam Shepard, Max von Sydow
  • Director: Scott Hicks
  • Writers: Ronald Bass, Scott Hicks, David Guterson (novel)
  • Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Ronald Bass, Harry J. Ufland
  • Exec. Producers: Carol Baum, Lloyd A. Silverman
  • Cinematographer: Robert Richardson
  • Editor: Hank Corwin
  • Composer: James Newton Howard
  • Prod. Designer: Jeannine Claudia Oppewall
  • Costumes: Renee Ehrlich Kalfus