A FINAL CUT FOR ORSON: 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING follows the process of finishing Orson Welles’ last film entitled THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND—a journey that began after his death in 1985 and finally came to a close in the spring of 2018. Over many years, it has taken a team of committed individuals to bring Orson’s film to fruition. Harnessing today’s digital technologies, the team was able complete the analog film, all with an incredible reverence to the vision of the infamous director. Due to the determination of these filmmakers and specialists, at long last, the world will finally get to see Orson Welles’ last film.


Director: Ryan Suffern

Producers: Frank Marshall, Filip Jan Rymsza

Cinematographers: Mike Parry, Ryan Suffern

Editor: Martin Singer

Composer: Paul Pilot