Twelve-year-old Frank Wheeler is determined to learn about women. Along with his two best friends, Frank journeys to the big city to sneak a peek at a naked lady. The kids hit the jackpot when they meet V, a gorgeous, warmhearted working-girl. But when Frank looks at V, he sees more than a beautiful body; he sees the perfect wife for his shy single father. However, bringing the two together may be harder than Frank imagines. This delightful, romantic comedy stars Melanie Griffith and Ed Harris.

Crew / Cast

Cast: Melanie Griffith, Ed Harris, Michael Patrick Carter

Director: Richard Benjamin

Writer: John Mattson

Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall

Exec. Producers: Michael Finnell, Patrick J. Palmer

Cinematographer: David Watkin

Editor: Jacqueline Cambas

Composer: Michael Convertino

Prod. Designer: Paul Sylbert

Costumes: Theoni V. Aldredge