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  Released in theatres: January 21st, 2000

Adapted from the best selling novel by Jane Hamilton, this story revolves around Alice Goodwin and her husband, who leave the city behind to buy a farm in a small rural town. However, after a tragic accident, Alice discovers the darkness behind the town’s rosy facade and her life begins a downward spiral. Through the love of her husband, and through her own strength and courage, Alice starts to slowly piece her life back together.

Released in theatres: January 21st, 2000
  • Cast Sigourney Weaver, Dara Perlmutter, David Strathairn, Julianne Moore, Arliss Howard, Chloë Sevigny, Louise Fletcher
  • Director Scott Elliott
  • Writers Peter Hedges, Polly Platt, Jane Hamilton (novel)
  • Producers Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall
  • Exec. Producer Willi Bär
  • Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey
  • Editors Naomi Geraghty, Craig McKay
  • Composer Pat Metheny
  • Prod. Designer Richard Toyon
  • Costumes Suzette Daigle