The Kennedy/Marshall Company


Patrick Crowley

President of Film and Television

Patrick Crowley is a veteran movie producer, specializing in action and scope, who has produced films around the world. As a producer on the breakthrough JASON BOURNE series, he helped bring a new cinematic experience to audiences, thrilling them with the highest level action and suspense, and traveling to previously unseen locations. On the first movie of that franchise, THE BOURNE IDENTITY, Patrick began his prolific producing partnership with Frank Marshall, making eleven films together over the last 25 years. Working together on projects big and small, Patrick now continues that collaboration as President of Film and Television at The Kennedy/Marshall Company. 

Patrick got started in film after being a photojournalist during his undergraduate time at Berkeley, from 1965-69. He got an M.A. from Stanford in documentary film and was an adjunct professor there. He produced and directed a documentary about live television sports, SECONDS TO PLAY, which played at the Chicago Film Festival. He was head of commercial production at One Pass Video in San Francisco for three years and then moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area in 1980. 

In LA, he worked with noted cinematographers Conrad Hall and Haskell Wexler, running their commercial production company, where Hall added to his producing chores and shaped him into a First AD. Patrick then did two movies with John Schlesinger: FALCON AND THE SNOWMAN and THE BELIEVERS. He worked on four movies in Mexico, including UNDER FIRE and REVENGE. He landed his first producing role on ROBOCOP3 in 1989 and moved up to Executive Producer on SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and LEGENDS OF THE FALL. 

In 1994, Patrick signed on with New Regency as EVP of Physical Production, overseeing such movies as: FIGHT CLUB, HEAT, LA CONFIDENTIAL, ENTRAPMENT, TIME TO KILL, and DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. He moved from New Regency back into producing with THE BOURNE IDENTITY. He added the next three BOURNE films to his slate, traveling all over the world to create this memorable series. In the middle of the BOURNE franchise and continuing their relationship, Patrick produced and Frank directed EIGHT BELOW, a moving film about sled dogs left behind in Antarctica. 

They then moved into producing the JURASSIC WORLD franchise together, spending 9 years shaping a series of box office megahits for Universal, earning almost 4 billion dollars. 

At Kennedy/Marshall, Patrick continues his passion for filmmaking: developing and producing movies for a worldwide audience.